Turf Renovation

Top Dressing
Build a denser, healthier turf by improving the quality of your soil. We custom blend your top dressing with the appropriate soils to improve your turfs growing power. Top dressing in combination with core aeration and seeding is and excellent method for building turf density.

Renovation – Sod
Includes tear-up of the existing turf, preparation and improvement of the existing soils, and installation of the new sod.

Core Aeration
Soils readily compact and lack oxygen which suffocate your grass plants. Breathe life into your grass plants root system by placing seven finger size holes per square foot into the root zone. These oxygen rich holes expand your root system and increase turf density. Recommended a minimum of twice per year. We recommend core aeration in conjunction with most of our turf renovation services.

Renovation – Seed
Includes removing existing turf, preparing and improving soil with the appropriate soil amendments, and establishing a new turf with seed or sod.

Over Seeding
Over seeding is considered a maintenance service. Turf grasses are continually thinning as they go through a dying process. In order to maintain density, a fall over seed in conjunction with a core aeration is necessary to replenish the grasses natural dying process. Inquire about this important routine maintenance service today.

Spot Seeding
Pets, insects, diseases, and heat stress are the most common reasons for the appearance of dead spots in your lawn. Smoot Landscapes offers a very successful 5 step process to revitalize the ugly dead spots in your lawn.

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