We are proud to offer our Basic Maintenance Package as an easy solution for your comprehensive year-round landscape needs.  These four basic services – Mowing, Clean-up & Mulching, Aeration & Overseeding, and Leaf Removal – will provide your property with a continual neat appearance and the necessities for a healthy landscape.  We also recommend the Additional Services and fertilization program powered by Greenhawk to offer you an even more comprehensive landscape maintenance plan.  These services will add the finishing touches to your property.

Basic Maintenance Package

28 Visits – Mowing, trimming, and edging:
Once per week from April through October (weather permitting)

1 Visit – Spring Clean-Up & Mulch
Clean up leaves and debris from lawn and beds plus weeding, edging and mulching of all existing landscaped beds

2 Visits – Aeration and Overseeding 
Pull cores from lawn to allow more air, water, nutrients to invigorate turf. Apply new grass seed to maintain and encourage healthy turf development.  Performed Spring and Fall.

3 Visits – Leaf Removal
Performed three (3) times or as needed.
Leaves will be removed from hardscapes, planting beds and turf areas. Leaves can be deposited on site per client direction or hauled away.

Additional Services

Weeding of property
Pull weeds in all existing landscaped beds (weeds in lawn addressed by the Greenhawk program)

Pruning/Perennial Care
All shrubs, ornamental trees or per client’s choosing

Power Washing
Includes patios, driveways, decks, siding, etc.

Clean-up, Mulching
Clean-up all debris from lawn and beds plus weeding, edging and mulching of all existing landscaped beds at any time of year (great for parties or an Open House)
NOTE: During the fall months, Clean-Up is separate and apart from leaf removal.  We will only perform this service after all leaves have been removed from property (by Smoot or other).

Stump Removal
Stump grinding is a highly effective way of destroying the stump and it allows for planting grass where the tree had previously been.  (Additional cost for rental and disposal fees)

Seasonal Flowers
Smoot Landscapes’ professional horticulturalists and designers offer unique annual designs for the four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter.  (additional cost for plant material)

  • Smoot Landscapes: Landscape/Hardscape Service areas include: NOVA

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